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Perfect ring

Perfect ring
9 May, 2017 admin
Because Stone by Stone wants complete satisfaction of our clientes on their online purchase, we suggest you to see the table below to find out what size you should order. To better satisfy your order, follow step-by-step how to measure your ring.

Step 1

Choose a ring that is not damaged and that keeps its original form.

Step 2

Measure the inside diameter of the widest point of the ring.
regua 2

Step 3

Compare the measured in millimeters with our sizes and find the ideal size for you.
If you do not obtain a measure concerning our tables, choose the size above.


Closed Rings

Measured diameter (mm) Stone by Stone size Universal size
16,5 mm XS 50 10
17,0 mm S 52 12
18,0 mm M 54 14
18,5 mm M/L 56 16
19,0 mm L 58 18
19,5 mm XL 60 20


Adjustable rings

This ring model can be used in various ring fingers within the dimensions below presented.

Measured diameter (mm) Stone by Stone size Universal size
16,5 to 18,5 mm XS to M 50 to 54 10 to 14
18,5 to 19,0 mm M to L 54 to 56 14 to 16
18,5 to 19,5 mm M/L to XL 56 to 60 16 to 20