Jewellery Care

A jewel can preserve its beauty for years, as long as it's handled and cared properly, taking into account its raw material Silver, Gold, natural Stones, Pearls.

To increase the durability of your jewelry, in its original condition, you should avoid the direct application of perfumes, sprays, makeup, creams, detergents and / or other products that may contain chemicals.Salt water or water containing disinfectants (eg chlorine) can also damage some of the raw materials that make up our jewelry, so we recommend that you do not use them when going to the beach or pool.

Jewelry Cleaning


Pearls are an organic material and therefore require some specific care, they should be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and allowed to dry completely before storing them.They shouldn´t be stored together with harder materials.

Silver Jewelry without

Silver must be cleaned with a flannel clouth moistenedwitha productsuitable for cleaning silver.

Silver Jewelry with Stones

Silver must be cleaned with a flannel clouth moistened with a product suitabel fou cleaning silver avoiding the stones.
Stones must be clean with a damp cloth e dried before storing.

Gold Plated or Rhodium Plated Jewelery

Since the gold and rhodium bath is applied to the surface of the pieces, no cleaning products can be applied.To preserve the baths of each jewel as much as possible, you should clean only with a dry cloth without rubbing.

Steel Jewelry

Steel can be cleaned with any product as it always maintains its original brightness and color. However, although it is a resistant material, it can in some cases damage, be especially careful with jewelry with very smooth surfaces.

Stone by Stone advises not to wear your jewels when:

Wash your hands;
Go to the beach or pool;
Do physical exercise (sweat is also a strong corrosive).