About us

Stone by Stone was born in Lisbon with an innovative concept, Jewelry to wear in a carefree and widespread way, that keeps up with the trends, accessible, made in Silver and natural Stones.

The unique knowledge of Stones and their origins, the use of noble metals such as Silver and Gold, the design and the and the Portuguese jewelery workshop, are some of the foundations of our identity.

Stone by Stone is a living brand, that updates and evolves according to the latest fashion trends. Stone by Stone presents a wide collection of pieces designed and chosen by women who travel around the world, and love fashion and accessories.

Minimalist pieces in Silver, Gold Plated Silver, with or without Stones, and Pearls, always with a great concern in adapting the design to the women of today, are some of the concepts of the brand.

Traveled, working, criative, classic or bold, all women like to discover this criative universe in our collections.

Most importantly: Stone by Stone democratizes the use of jewelry, and presents jewelry with constant innovation.

With 22 stores in Portugal and a Online Store, Stone by Stone has been in the market for twenty-one years.

Stone by Stone, Comércio de Minerais e Gemas Lda.

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Registado na INCM – Contrastaria de Lisboa com o Nº T1434